From manual application to the more efficient rotary bells, passing through automatic pneumatic guns, we have installations in the most different lines and applications.

Automobile production is a growing sector nowadays. The production of all types of vehicles, whether commercial or private, has grown exponentially in recent years. The most important factor in this production increase is that the fabrication process in the automotive industry is becoming more and more advanced each day. In automotive production, fast and effective painting of the vehicles produced directly affects the production capacity of the sector in a positive way.

Painting Techniques in Automotive Industry

The process of painting the exterior surfaces of the produced vehicles has an important place for the automotive sector. In order for the vehicle paints to be made completely as in the production scheme, the paint must be applied homogeneously on the outer surface of the vehicle. The margin of error can be high in the manual painting process. With the robotic paint sprayer, the painting process of vehicles can be done much less erroneously and quickly.

Robotic paint sprayers provide a much smoother and more even surface spread than the manual painting method. In addition, excess paint is prevented with the spraying method. Thus, it provides the manufacturer with a more economically advantageous position.

Rotary bell also stands out as one of the painting methods used in the automotive industry. The Rotary bell paint system, which provides regular spraying, has high efficiency. You can achieve high performance painting with this painting system.

As Kromavis, our Nitrowise device can be used in all the methods mentioned above and increases efficiency.


In all O.E.M. sectors, plastic, glass and metal parts, we are present to give the best possible quality of final products.

In this sector the importance of having high quality is fundamental both to be able to mantain and aquire new customers.

We are present in the O.E.M. in more than 30 major automotive suppliers.

Results are in average 15% paint saving, increased gloss and improved color matching


We've carried out tests and installations for all sort of plastic producers: from lines for small pieces painting, e.g. buttons and cosmetic caps, to larger surfaces such as bumpers.

Today, plastic is almost used at every point. From the smallest to large plastic pieces, speed, low margin of error and low cost are among the prominent points in the painting process. Since there is a wide variety of products in the plastic painting process, paint systems also differ in this context.

How are Industrial Plastic Painting Processes Performed?

Plastic painting is easily done with different industrial painting solutions. Robotic spray painting system stands out as a preferred solution in the plastic painting process.

Powder or wet paint can be preferred for plastic painting. In addition to preventing possible paint errors during painting, preventing paint waste is made possible by the inclusion of nitrogen in the painting process.

Using Nitrowise in Industrial Plastic Painting Process

The exterior surfaces of many objects, product parts and electronic devices preferred in daily use fall within the field of plastic painting. Plastic painting can have different levels of difficulty depending on the size and shape of the product to be painted.

In particular, the paint transferred to tight surfaces must be free of defects such as dripping or paint splatter. Nitrowise ensures that the paint is distributed homogeneously on the surface thanks to nitrogen production. It also prevents excessive spraying of the paint to a great extent.


Better distention, greater coverage of corners and difficult shapes, uniformity of thicknesses and reduction of application time are consistently achieved.

Metal, which is used in the production of many products or as a raw material for construction, is available in many varieties. The metal painting process can vary depending on the type of paint and the overall condition of the metal surface. While some metal surfaces can be painted much more easily, the painting process of some metal surfaces can be much more challenging.

Metal Painting Techniques with Nitrowise

Metal painting, which aims to color, protect or visually improve the metal surface, can be done with powder or wet paint. As a result of the differences in the metal surface, the painting process requires attention.

Nitrowise with the heavy molecular structure of nitrogen in painting processes; better stretching, better painting of corners and difficult shapes and reduction of application time are achieved. By increasing the nitrogen content, the efficiency of the coating is increased.

Thus, any errors in the painting process can be largely prevented. Regardless of the type of paint, up to 30% savings in paint usage are also offered thanks to Nitrowise.


More than 70 companies use our technology, both in cartesian systems and in normal manual painting lines.

Wood is used intensively in many areas today. The use of wood in the industrial area is realized quite intensively both in the production of products to be consumed by the end user and in intermediate products. It stands out with different solutions in the industrial painting process that enables the products to be delivered to the end user flawlessly and quickly.

Painting Methods Used in Wood Painting Processes

Especially in wooden furniture processes, cartesian and manual systems stand out in industrial painting processes that enable the upholstery and coating processes of the products to be carried out easily. Cartesian painting method, which enables fast and faultless painting process especially in mass production wood  factories, is carried out by means of industrial robots.

Thanks to the applicable automation system, the relevant programming is done in the cartesian system and the painting process is carried out quickly and smoothly. In the cartesian painting system, the painting process is directed by the relevant operator. In this way, the points that are seen as sensitive in the painting process are easily painted with the guidance of the operator.

With the Cartesian painting system, delicate points in the painting process are painted smoothly. In addition, excess paint usage is prevented during painting. Depending on the type of use, you can save up to 30% in paint usage.

Which Solutions Does Industrial Wood Painting Offer?

In the wood sector where mass production is present, it is of high importance that the speed and margin of error are low during the painting process. The processes performed in industrial wood painting can be itemized as follows;

  • Undercoating application
  • Polish and lacquer
  • Painting process