What are Tribo and Corona Spray Guns in the Powder Painting Process?

The painting process, which has an important place in the industrial production process, has increased the need for high quality and efficient painting techniques. In this context, powder painting technology plays an important role in the painting of various surfaces. Especially tribo and corona guns stand out as innovative tools that increase efficiency and quality in powder painting processes.


What is Tribo Gun?

Tribo paint gun, also known as triboelectric paint gun, utilises the triboelectric effect to apply powder paint. Unlike conventional electrostatic spray guns, which use differences in electrical charge to adhere powder paint to surfaces, the tribo paint gun increases the charge of the powder paint through friction. As the powder particles pass through the gun's nozzle, they rub against the material and gain a positive charge.


When these positively charged particles encounter the grounded workpiece, they adhere with exceptional efficiency. This method offers improved coverage, especially in recessed areas, and reduces waste by minimising overspray. Furthermore, the tribo spray gun is appreciated for its environmental benefits, including the elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a preferred choice for sustainable and high-quality finishing processes.


What is a Corona Paint Gun?

A Corona paint gun is a type of electrostatic paint gun that utilises high voltage to impart an electrical charge to paint particles. This method ensures more effective and homogenous delivery of the paint to the relevant surfaces.


Corona guns are widely preferred especially in the automotive, metalworking and electronic goods industries. Thanks to the electrostatic principle, the paint is evenly distributed over the surface of the object, reducing material waste and improving coating quality. Corona paint guns are known as environmentally friendly.


What are the Advantages of Using Tribo and Corona Guns?

The use of tribo and corona guns offers many advantages in the paint industry:


High Painting Quality: Tribo and corona guns ensure that the powder paint is evenly and homogeneously distributed on the surface. In this way, the painted surface has a uniform and smooth surface coating. The floor to which the paint is transmitted has a more durable paint covering.


Environment Friendly: Tribo and corona guns are more environmentally friendly than solvent-based liquid paints. Powder paints do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), which reduces the release of harmful emissions into the air.


Energy and Material Savings: The powder painting process greatly reduces material wastage and saves costs. It also offers energy savings as the process can be carried out at lower temperatures. Corona and tribo spray guns encourage the use of less powder paint.


Application Diversity: Tribo and corona guns are effective for painting objects with different surfaces and geometries. This gives manufacturers the flexibility to apply high-quality coatings on a variety of products.


Tribo and corona guns are an important part of modern powder painting technology. These devices reshape industrial painting processes by enabling the efficient application of high-quality paints. With their environmentally friendly features and cost-effectiveness, tribo and corona guns are valuable tools that support sustainable production practices.

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