Status of Paint Consumption in the World in Recent Years

The use of paints has a significant impact on developments, environmental impacts and technical breakthroughs in the vast and dynamic world of industrial and consumer products. Wet and powder paints stand out among a wide range of application areas due to their special properties, their use and their increasing demand due to increasing industrial production worldwide.


General Status of Paint Consumption in the World in Recent Years

The paint industry in various parts of the world has undergone significant transformations with economic growth, infrastructure development and increased emphasis on sustainability. In recent years, the construction, automotive and manufacturing sectors have been fuelling the growth in both wet and powder paint consumption year-on-year.


 Innovations in paint formulations and paint application technologies have also contributed to this upward trend, optimising performance and environmental compatibility. The adoption of stringent environmental regulations worldwide has further influenced market dynamics, leading to more environmentally friendly solutions such as wet and powder paints.


In Which Areas is Wet Paint Consumption Preferred?

Wet paint, which has water-based, solvent-based and oil-based varieties, continues to be the preferred choice for a wide range of applications. Its versatility, ease of application and depth of topcoat make it especially preferred in areas where aesthetic appeal and surface protection are very important.


The construction and restoration sectors value colour versatility and surface quality, making wet paints the preferred choice for both interior and exterior applications. The automotive industry also favours wet paints for their vibrant finish and the ability to apply multiple layers, which is crucial for both protection and aesthetics. Despite the shift towards more sustainable options, wet paints continue to dominate applications where customisation and high levels of brightness are desired.


In Which Areas is Powder Paint Consumption Preferred?

Powder paint, which can remain on the surface for many years, has gained a place in sectors that prioritise environmental sustainability and efficiency of painting. In the industrial paint sector, it is especially preferred for metal objects such as automotive parts, household appliances, outdoor furniture and architectural aluminium.


The absence of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the recyclability of overspray make powder coatings an environmentally friendly choice. In addition, the technology offers superior durability, resistance to chipping, scratching and corrosion, making it ideal for heavy-use products and those exposed to harsh environmental conditions. The operational efficiencies and reduced waste associated with powder paint processes further strengthen its favourability in industrial applications.

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