Does Nitrowise Work with Industry 4.0?

The development of the industry and the increasing visibility of automation in many areas have allowed for a faster and less error-prone production method. Industry 4.0, which has a significant role in achieving speed and low error rates in industrial painting, is compatible with Nitrowise, which minimizes errors in the painting process.

What is Industry 4.0?

This technology, the latest product of the digital age, enables industrial processes to be carried out in a robotic manner. Industry 4.0, which stands out with smart production and near-zero errors, brings speed and quality together.

Industry 4.0 has revolutionized industrial activities, enabling accurate decision-making and complex calculations during production. As a result, data during production can be easily tracked, and time and cost calculations can be carried out with greater precision.

The Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Paint Industry

 Automated painting processes are no longer a new concept in the paint industry. However, systems connected to Industry 4.0 greatly facilitate minimizing errors in the painting process.

Industry 4.0 integrated with paint sprayers allows for fast tracking and ensures error-free completion of the process based on simulations. You can control your device related to cell phones and give commands to the machine quickly. Additionally, the amount of paint to be used and the unit time are determined.

What is the Connection Between Nitrowise Technology and Industry 4.0?

Nitrowise, which can be used with Industry 4.0, allows for the monitoring of the paint process through a laptop or desktop computer. With the device connected to this system, not only monitoring but also various stages of the painting process can be easily controlled. You can manage variables such as pressure adjustment and paint quantity through your computer.

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