What is Powder Painting? Where is it Used?

When it comes to paint, we usually think of it in its wet form, but powdered paints are used for painting many surfaces. Powder coating, especially for metal surfaces, allows for the coating of the surface through a magnetic effect. Electrostatic powder coating enables the application of the desired color to various surfaces today. The powder coating process can also be easily applied to the relevant surface with a spray gun.

What are the Characteristics of Powder Coating?

Powder coating, which is resistant to corrosion and easy to apply, is often preferred by various industries. Besides durability, powder coating can also provide significant cost savings for users. This can directly influence the preference for powder coating.

Powder coating is known for its resistance to corrosion. Especially surfaces in contact with the external environment can become more resistant after the powder coating process. In addition to corrosion, powder coating also has resistance against chemicals and can prevent paint defects caused by oil and cleaning materials.

Powder coatings are also highly resistant to temperature. Especially surfaces exposed to high temperatures may not have any paint defects if they have been coated with powder coating.

Where is Powder Coating Used?

Powder coating, which is commonly preferred in industrial painting solutions, offers many advantages to its users with its durability and easy application. The surfaces where powder coating achieves the best results are generally metal and its derivatives. The sectors and products that resort to powder coating can be listed as follows:

  • Metal

Metals are used in almost every field, from automotive to furniture production. Powder coating, which provides both protective properties and aesthetic appearance, has a wide range of applications, from the metal legs of furniture to painting a large part of a car.

  • Industrial and Electrical Appliances

Both industrial and electrical appliances may require painting for their exterior surfaces. The use of powder coating not only prevents damage to these devices but also provides them with a more aesthetic look.

Achieve Error-Free Powder Coating Process with Nitrowise

Nitrowise enables more effective and error-free use of powder coating with the spray technique. It achieves this with the use of nitrogen. Nitrogen stabilizes the use of paint and provides the user with a more controlled painting process during the application.

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