Why Should We Use Nitrogen in the Painting Process?

Using nitrogen in the painting process, regardless of whether it is in the form of powder or liquid, offers several advantages for more efficient use of paint. Spraying the surface with nitrogen in relation to liquid or powder paint provides benefits to the user in terms of the appearance and cost of the painted surface. The inclusion of nitrogen in the painting process provides the following opportunities:

Prevention of Paint Defects Related to Moisture

Atmospheric humidity can lead to paint defects. Water vapor caused by atmospheric gasses can result in the paint not achieving the desired quality. Nitrogen, being an inert gas, eliminates defects related to moisture problems that may arise due to temperature and environment.

Ensuring Control During the Painting Process

In painting, the surface to be applied can sometimes be quite large, while certain surfaces may be narrow or require careful attention. In the painting process using spray application, it is necessary to deliver the paint to the relevant area at the desired level to have an effect on that area.

For example, excessive spraying can result in a decrease in the quality of the painted surface. Nitrogen can allow the paint to be released from the paint gun in a more homogeneous manner. Problems such as excessive spraying or paint rebound can be prevented.

Possibility of More Economical Usage

The use of nitrogen in paint spraying during the painting process can result in savings of up to 30% in paint usage. It prevents wastage of paint during spraying and greatly reduces the occurrence of excessive spraying.

Optimizing the Provision of Temperature Values

The painting process can be directly affected by environmental conditions. The humidity and temperature values of the environment where the painting process takes place can have a direct impact on the quality of the paint. Nitrogen, which allows the paint to be unaffected by temperature and humidity, has the ability to provide consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Nitrowise can be adjusted to the optimum temperature regardless of day or night, summer or winter, thanks to its heating and cooling system. This prevents surface defects that may occur during the painting process.

Take a Step into Nitrogen Paint Technology with Nitrowise

Nitrowise provides time savings, high-quality painting process, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability advantages by effectively utilizing nitrogen in the painting process. By providing nitrogen instead of air during paint transmission, Nitrowise offers effective usage in various industrial fields.

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